Cleanup (2020-11-29)

Diverse cleanup of things that no longer are relevant.

Lens Corrector made freeware (2017-06-03)

We have decided to make Lens Corrector freeware. The current solution is to tell you a CD key.

The long term solution is to remove the CD Key check and then maybe make it open source. The reason why we do not do that directly is that we need to clear out some rights with ALPA of Switzerland.

ALPA of Switzerland is using our technology (20??-??-??)

ALPA of Switzwerland have been using our Lens Corrector for a long time now. It is a freeware to their customers and has some extra functionality.

X3F open source updated (2015-09-06)

Now we have color support, and it is also a part of the Kalpanika company. More about that on the x3f page.

X3F open source updated (2014-11-02)

Now all cameras (up to the current Quattro) are fully supported, including meta data.

X3F open source updated (2014-10-03)

The open source project X3F Tools have been updated. The code now support all current Sigma cameras. So - you can now extract the RAW data from both Merrill and Quattro versions. We have added download of meta data. This feature works up until the Merrill cameras. The Quattro obfuscation is not yet managed.

X3F open source updated (2012-03-25)

The open source project X3F Tools have been updated. The code now support all Sigma cameras. So - you can now extract the RAW data from SD1. We have also added support for the nearly unknown Polaroid Foveon camera x530, just for good measure.

X3F open source updated (2010-08-10)

The open source project X3F Tools have been updated. The code now support all Sigma cameras. So - you can now extract the RAW data from DP1 and newer cameras also. We have also added parsing of CAMF data, which is meta-data for the image. The latter is obfuscated by using the image compression code since DP1.

Award page removed (2008-11-22)

We have decided to remove our awards page. Unfortunately we don't find most download pages to be serious; they are more or less copies of each other. We doubt that our potential customers care about the awards. We keep the links to serious reviews though.

Mac OS Update 1.2.2 (2008-08-11)

We have made a cleanup of the Leopard fix. This version is called 1.2.2 - and is released both for Tiger and Leopard. No changes for you - but easier or us to maintain.

Mac OS Leopard Fixed! (2008-08-03)

At last! We have now fixed the Leopard release of the Analyzer. It was not easy - and we have turned the problem around and around - until we decided to make a simple solution.

The root to the problem is the giant step that Mac OS makes for X11 between Tiger and Leopard. They are not compatible.

The solution is to keep the old distribution for Tiger, and to make a separate for Leopard. Not optimal - but it works.

X3F Tools (2008-07-21)

We have added some Open Source tools that can manipulate Sigma/Foveon X3F files.

Review in 3D2F (2008-02-10)

A small but nice review can be found here. The review focus on the fish eye to rectelinear conversion that can be made with the tool.

Leopard Problems (2008-02-10)

We have currently got a problem with Mac OS Leopard. Our analyzer is not compatible with the pre installed X11. It is kind of tricky to fix - but it will be made ASAP.

You can of course use the Photoshop plugin with Leopard. And, as the analyzer is totally standalone, you can run the calibration on another platform. We can also (within reason) help you with any calibration until we have fixed the problem. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Intel Mac Support - Version 1.2.0 (2007-09-02)

We have now released an Intel verion for Mac of the Lens Corrector Toolkit. This has taken some time due to Apple not releasing any real SDK for CS3, just a Beta. Finally we decided to give it a try nevertheless. There were some serious problems (including a bug in the Apple hacked gcc compiler) using this premature SDK - but we managed. And here it is. Hope you like it. We do - it is much faster on our Mac Mini.

Version 1.1.3 (2007-04-28)

This release fixes a small embarassing bug introduced in 1.1.2, namely the loss of ability to enter the letters "a" and "d" in some input fields.

Version 1.1.2 (2007-02-25)

This release fixes two things. First, it gives a better choice of interpolation methods. Second, a bug regarding activation of the topmost window is fixed in the Mac version.

Multiprocessor Support and faster Sinc (2007-01-07)

We have made two improvements that makes the Lens Corrector faster. First we have optimised the speed for Sinc16x16 and Sinc32x32 by a factor 3 and also added the faster Sinc8x8. Then we have implemented multiprocessor support. Thus - if you have a dual (or more) processor machine - you will get good speedup. NOTE - the multiprocessor support is only implemented for CS2 for Mac.

Mac OS X version of Proxel Lens Corrector Released (2006-12-16)

The Mac OSX version of the Proxel Lens Corrector is now released. This tool can now be used on both Windows and Mac platforms.

Beta testing of Mac port have started (2006-11-19)

We have now built our first beta version of the Lens Corrector Photoshop plugin for Mac. We have some few beta testers – and are interested in getting some few more. Send us a mail if you are interested.

Coding of Mac Port Now Ready (2006-11-08)

We have now completed the coding phase of the port of the Lens Corrector to Mac. We will now start to test the code and also make an installer package. There will soon be a beta to test. It is not unreasonable that we will release in November or early December. No promise though.

EXIF Tool 014 Released (2006-10-21)

A new version of the freeware EXIF Tool is now released. The main difference is that it now is possible to save the result to clipboard.

Mac Support Work Ongoing (2006-10-15)

We are currently porting the Lens Corrector tool to Mac. The basic parts compile and are up and running on Mac OS X for Photoshop 7, CS and CS2. The actual GUI is currently under development. There is no planned release date yet.

Version 1.0.3 of Lens Corrector (2006-09-26)

This release contains two small changes. We have now implemented color management for the preview in the Lens Corrector PS plugin. We have also added an accuracy field in the Lens Analyser.

Press Release and Press Kit (2006-09-12)

We have now prepared a press release and press kit for our product Proxel Lens Corrector. You can find the press release here .

Build 012 of the EXIF Plugin Released (2006-09-12)

There was a bug in the plugin that made it, for some, not being able to open image files. It is now fixed.

Version 1.0.2 of Lens Corrector (2006-09-11)

This versions fixes a bug where it was not possible to use 16 bit color depth mode in the demo of the Lens Corrector plugin.

Mini Review at DPReview Forum (2006-09-01)

The beta tester John Bean has written a short review in the DPReview Pentax SLR forum. Go here and have a look.

One of our customers also have written this report.

Installer fix to Lens Corrector (2006-08-29)

The PATH variable was not immediately updated with the GTK path even though it was added correctly. So ... if you did not have GTK on your machine already you had to log out and in again to make the analyzer find the DLLs.

We have now fixed this problem in version 1.0.1. Sorry for the inconvenience.

NOTE: this fix does not affect the functionality. So – if you already have installed 1.0.0 – there is no need to download 1.0.1.

Lens Corrector released!!! (2006-08-28)

Now it is out! A new powerful tool for improving your digital photographs has been released. Almost all P&S digital cameras have heavy distortion, mostly at the wide angle setting. This is also the case for mobile phone cameras. The tool can also be used to simulate extremely expensive and accurate lenses for your DSLR camera. It can even use fisheye lenses (e.g. the famous, sharp and very inexpensive Zenitar lens) to achieve rectilinear lens performance.

Lens Corrector very soon now (2006-08-12)

The Lens Corrector tool has now been out for beta testing some weeks. Bugs have been fixed and new features added. Everything looks good and stable. Let's guess that it will take one more week. OK - things take more time than anticipated, but ...

Web page graphical redesign (2006-08-04)

This web page has gone through a major graphical overhaul.

Nearly 1000 downloads (2006-07-28)

From this site there have been nearly 800 downloads of the EXIF Tool. On there have been nearly 100 downloads. And, to our surprise, the EXIF tool can be found on lots of download sites. The latter is nothing we have neither planned nor allowed. But – why complain :) Its free after all ...

We are working hard with PayPal integration for selling the Lens Corrector. Its actually much more work than anticipated.

Changed color on our rather plain web pages :)

Proxel Lens Corrector Progress (2006-07-10)

The lens analyzer part of the tool has been ready for a month now and the actual Photoshop plugin is fully up and running. It has taken more time than expected, mostly due to the fact that we made a major redesign a month ago. The redesign allows us to scale the canvas, which is a cool feature when correcting images.

Now wee need to write a manual to the Photoshop plugin, fix minor glitches and make it distributable.

Proxel EXIF Tool released (2006-06-14)

We have today released our free-ware EXIF tool. This tool is a convenient Photoshop plugin that uses a fantastic Perl based EXIF tool made by Phil Harvey. It takes some fiddling around to install, but we hope you like it.