With this tool you can improve your images. They will look as taken by much more expensive lenses, regardless off whether you use a mobile phone, P&S or a DSLR camera.

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The Photoshop plugin Proxel Lens Corrector corrects your lens aberrations; barrel, pin cushion, fish eye, translation or a combination of all.


The main advantages of the tool compared to the competition are:

More features:


Please visit the download page.


Example of correcting a lens – uncorrected. Example of correcting a lens – corrected.

If you move the mouse pointer over the picture, then you will see the corrected one.

This example is taken from the Zenitar fisheye lens. This is of course an extreme example – but most zooms at the wide angle and compact cameras almost at all focal lengths are improved by correcting distortion.

Look here for some more pictures taken with Zenitar.

Look here for some more pictures.

The Lens Corrector Toolkit

The Lens Corrector toolkit contains two applications. The first application is an analyzing tool that you run once for each camera or camera/lens combination. The second tool is a Photoshop plugin that uses the result from the analyze in order to correct all your pictures.

The Lens Analyzer

The analyzer tool is a state-of-the-art implementation. You import pictures containing long straight edges e.g. door posts. You usually import 1–4 pictures for each focal length you want to measure. The tool finds the edges and computes how to get those edges straight in the picture.

The tool creates parameter files describing the camera/lens.

For more information, please read the manual pages

The Lens Corrector Photoshop Plugin

The Photoshop plugin can then correct pictures according to the settings in the parameter files, both for 8- and 16-bit color depth pictures.

For more information, please read the manual pages