Non Swedish Citizens and Companies: Buy Lens Corrector via Your Bank

You can buy Lens Corretor via your bank. You shall send us an email ( that you want to buy Lens Corrector and have made the money transfer to the bank account shown below. The email shall contain the same marking as the money transfer. When we have got the money on the account we send you the registration key within one working day.

EU Companies with VAT number

In the mail you must include the VAT number. You shall pay the price excluding VAT.

EU Citizens

EU Citizens (and companies without VAT number) shall pay the price including Swedish VAT.

Non EU Citizens and Comapnies

All other shall pay without Swedish VAT.


excluding VAT: € 29.50
including VAT: € 36.90

Bank Account

IBAN: SE55 9500 0099 6042 0419 8727