The Company

We are a programming company, founded 2005, doing both consulting work and making plugins for Photoshop. We are situated in Stockholm in Sweden.

We are dedicated to make high-quality products and to have a fast support, fixing problems in our software ASAP.


Most questions and support are best made in our forums . Please read the FAQ first; that might save time for both you and us. You can also contact us via support mail; see below.

For general questions use the "contact" email; se below.

Company Info

Proxel Software HB
Drakenbergsgatan 3, 4tr
SE-117 41 Stockholm

Reg Nr: 969711-3141
VAT Nr: SE969711314101 

Support email:

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Payments in Sweden
Postgiro: 41 98 72-7

Payments from Abroad
IBAN: SE55 9500 0099 6042 0419 8727